Simple TK Question - refreshing the canvas when not in focus

blaine frikker at
Wed Apr 30 20:14:47 CEST 2008

On Apr 30, 10:41 am, Peter Otten <__pete... at> wrote:
> blaine wrote:
> > Still doesn't work.  I'm looking into using wx instead...
> > This is the full code - does it work for anyone else? Just do a echo
> > 'line 0 0 10 10' > dev.file
> Haven't tried it, but I think that the problem is that you are updating the
> UI from the "readthread". A good example to model your app after is here:
> Peter

I had a feeling thats what the problem is.  Thank you for that link -
I am in need of a good model.

Thanks for answering both of my questions today, Peter. :)

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