How is GUI programming in Python?

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Sun Apr 13 11:09:31 CEST 2008

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Torsten Bronger wrote:

> Hallöchen!

Und auch ein hallo, aus den Niederlanden! :P

> Michel Bouwmans writes:
>> Gabriel Genellina wrote:
>>> Michel Bouwmans <mfb.chikazuku at> escribió:
>>>> Gabriel Genellina wrote:
>>>>> Another annoying thing with the Qt license is that you have to
>>>>> choose it at the very start of the project. You cannot develop
>>>>> something using the open source license and later decide to
>>>>> switch to the commercial licence and buy it.
>>>> Unless you're a company with a risk of being checked for legal
>>>> software etc., you can always ignore that allthough not very
>>>> legal.
>>> I just ignore Qt itself.
>> Then you're ignorant. What do you prefer than?
> Well ... don't expect answers that you like when you suggest doing
> something which is not allowed.
>> [...]
>> - WxPython is terribly unstable.
> I can't confirm that.  When I chose wxPython after thorough
> consideration one year ago, my impression was that reports of
> instability were indeed frequent but rather old.  Apparently, the
> situation had improved.  Does your experience rely on recent use?
> Tschö,
> Torsten.

About half a year/a year ago. Segfaults is simply not something I like to
see when I use an API binding. For me it didn't feel that right when using
it so I made the temporary switch to Tkinter.

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