Python in High School

sprad jsprad at
Tue Apr 1 20:10:17 CEST 2008

On Apr 1, 11:41 am, mdomans <mdom... at> wrote:
> Python needs no evangelizing but I can tell you that it is a powerfull
> tool. I prefer to think that flash is rather visualization tool than
> programing language, and java needs a lot of typing and a lot of
> reading. On the other hand python is simple to read and write, can be
> debuged easily, is intuitive and saves a lot of time. It also supports
> batteries included policy and you can't get more OO than python.

One advantage of Flash is that we can have something moving on the
screen from day one, and add code to it piece by piece for things like
keyboard or mouse control, more and more complex physics, etc. Is
there an equivalent project in Python?

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