I just killed GIL!!!

Tim Daneliuk tundra at tundraware.com
Thu Apr 17 06:08:09 CEST 2008

Daniel Fetchinson wrote:
>> Hello Guys...
>> I just had one moment of exceptional clarity, during which realized
>> how I could get the GIL out of my way... It's so simple, I cannot help
>> wondering why nobody has thought of it before. Duh! Now I am going to
>> sit and and marvel at my creation for a while, and then go to bed
>> (it's past 2:30 a.m.) Tomorrow I will contemplate whether to sell this
>> little secret for big bucks, give it away for free, or just keep it to
>> myself... :-)
>> Now you are probably thinking I reinvented the gunpowder, and are
>> running multiple processes. Not so. I am not running parallel
>> processes, like parallel python or the processing module in cheese
>> shop. I am running multiple THREADS. In fact, I am just using
>> threading.Thread. The source code is pure Python, so there is no C
>> magic, and I only used the stuff that's already there in the standard
>> library. So, I just made CPython do what everyone claim to be
>> impossible. One single process of CPython is using all the cpu power
>> of my dual-core laptop.
> If I were you I would keep it a secret until a Hollywood producer
> offers big bucks for the film rights.

Who would play Guido, I wonder?

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