Python Google Chart 0.2.1 released

Gerald Kaszuba gerald.kaszuba at
Mon Aug 25 11:22:12 CEST 2008

pygooglechart 0.2.1 has been released.

Here are the changes:

 * Added support for QR Code chart (#8)
 * Added legend positioning (chdlp) (Steve Brandt)
 * Added line styles (chm=D) (Steve Brandt)
 * Added "colours within series" option to chart (chco=xxx|xxx) (Steve
 * Added QR codes and more line examples
 * Axis labels are now casted to strings automatically
 * Bug fixed where pie charts stopped working due to automatic scaling
 * Bug fixed where the module would download twice (#7) (Evan Lezar)
 * Bug fixed when automatic scaling is on and None values are in a
data set (#5) (Alec Thomas)
 * Bug fixed with auto-scaling, where the minimum y range was always
0. (#6) (Rohit Jenveja)
 * Bug fixed, replaced "1" with "0" in add_horizontal_range and
add_vertical_range (incorrect syntax for Google) (Steve Brandt)
 * Better clipping checks

I've also updated the home page with more examples.


Gerald Kaszuba

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