Corrupted images after attempting to store PNG images as BLOBs in MySQL?

Keith Hughitt keith.hughitt at
Wed Aug 13 16:30:10 CEST 2008

Hi all,

I've run into a strange error while trying to store some PNG images in
a MySQL database using MySQLdb. When I try to insert smaller images (<
64kb or so) everything seems to work fine. When I start trying to
insert larger images (~150kb), however, the images get corrupted along
the way.

The result is that only part of the image, e.g. the top 30% of the
image, is stored in the database, and the rest is simply transparent.
Furthermore, if I attempt to view the image in mysql-query-browser, it
does not display and simply states "Cannot display as image data,"
which seems to further suggest the idea that the data is being
corrupted somewhere along the way.

To store the image I'm using:

blob = open(img, 'rb').read()
sql = "INSERT INTO table VALUES('%s')" % (MySQLdb.escape_string(blob))

Anyone have any ideas?


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