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Mon Aug 25 07:16:53 CEST 2008


I am currently working my way through "Python Programming: An 
introduction to computer science" by John Zelle. Published by Franklin, 
Beedle & Associates. ISBN: 1-887902-99-6. Book's home page:

I have a small but quite good Python library and this is the best Python 
(actually best programming) book I have ever read. It is written as a 
text for a first year (US) college level course. Python is used because 
experience with other languages showed that their learning curves got in 
the road of the primary function of the course.

"Problem Solving With Algorithms And Data Structures Using Python" by 
Bradley N. Miller and David L. Ranum (ISBN-10: 1590280539 or ISBN-13: 
978-1590280539 Book's home page: is 
on my Amazon wish list to follow on from Zelle. This book is, as I 
understand it, a second year text. See the book's home page for content 

I hope that helps,

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