Libraries for internal SOA components

Artur Siekielski artur.siekielski at
Tue Aug 26 12:49:31 CEST 2008


I'm looking for libraries for implementing SOA components (not
necessery web services). Most of the components are not communicating
with "the world". Language independence is not very important (Python
is everywhere :). Important requirement is ability to process requests
in parallel, and because we (of course) use CPython then simple
threading is not sufficient.

The solution with XMLRPC server from stdlib with ForkingMixin works,
but it seems it's not suited for "production use". It has the
disadvantage of supporting simple types only. Pyro supports all Python
types but uses threading for parallelization only I think. This could
be overcomed of course (eg. using 'processing' package and worker
processes), but anybody uses Pyro for SOA?

Another option is to jump into Twisted world, but I would rather use a
library that I can use like I want than a framework. Anyway it seems
that even in Twisted I have to program parallelization by myself, like
in this example:

Any hints or advices? :)

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