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Hussein B hubaghdadi at
Wed Aug 13 15:01:15 CEST 2008

On Aug 13, 7:50 am, Bruno Desthuilliers <bruno.
42.desthuilli... at websiteburo.invalid> wrote:
> Hussein B a écrit :
> > Hey,
> > I'm a Java/Java EE developer and I'm playing with Python these days.
> > I like the Python language so much and I like its communities and the
> > Django framework.
> > My friends are about to open a Ruby/Rails shop and they are asking me
> > to join them.
> > I don't know what, sure I'm not leaving Java, but they are asking me
> > to stop learning Python and concentrate on Ruby/Rails.
> > The sad fact (at least to me), Ruby is getting a lot of attention
> > these days.
> > Why Python isn't getting this attention although is a much more mature
> > language and it is used by many big, big names?
> RoR peoples are good at marketing. And Ruby's object model is probably
> less alien - at least at first sight - to the Java crowd than Python's
> object model is.
> But still, Python seems to get some serious exposure - at least outside
> of the Java world - these last monthes.
> > And do I dare to say it is much more charming?
> > What do you think of Ruby/Rails? do they worth learning and working
> > with?
> Both are certainly worth learning. I can't tell about the "working with"
> part since I never used any of them for anything serious.
> > Any way, I'm not leaving Python and I will try to study it every time
> > I get a chance...
> > Thanks.

Personally, I don't like the RoR framework at all.
It doesn't come with any thing new or revolutionary, they just take
the hard lessons from the Java web applications world.
I think Ruby was a dead language and RoR gave it a life kiss.

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