help needed with dictionary

Bruno Desthuilliers bruno.42.desthuilliers at websiteburo.invalid
Fri Aug 29 11:18:02 CEST 2008

lee a écrit :
>   hi all,
> i am a newbie in python.  i was trying to work with dictionaries.  i
> wanted to input values  through command line and store the values in a
> dictionary. i mean for the same key , multiple values. can any1
> suggest me how can i do it.....thank you....
> i tried this, but the old value is replaced by new one, but i want to
> store al values entered by user.
> kev = {}
> if kev.has_key('Name'):
> 	kev['Name'].append(person_name)
> 	print 'name is ', kev['Name']
> else:
> 	kev['Name'] = [person_name]
> print "kevin's name is %s" % kev['Name']

Please post the minimal *running* code exhibiting your problem. The 
above snippet raises a NameError about person_name on line 3.

Anyway, looking at my crystal ball, I'd say that you're (re)binding the 
variable 'kev' to a new empty dict each time.

Here's a working snippet:

import sys

kev = {}
     while True:
         answer = raw_input("type a name :")
         answer = answer.strip()
         if answer:
             except KeyError:
                 kev['name'] = [answer]
             print "name is now : %s" % " ".join(kev['name'])
         print ""

except KeyboardInterrupt:

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