Python packages on the Mac

arunasunil at arunasunil at
Thu Aug 14 03:33:15 CEST 2008

On Aug 5, 5:33 am, Jeff <jeffo... at> wrote:
> On Aug 4, 11:20 pm, arunasu... at wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I would like to copy the contents of the PythonFramework.pkg folder
> > and run python without having to run the installer on the Mac. On
> > windows it's simple to copy the contents of the python folder and the
> > python dll's. How can this be done on the Mac?
> > Thanks
> > Sunil
> Are you trying to make a script for easy distribution without having
> to first install Python?  Look here:

In this case, I do not want to make a distribution package. On windows
I am able to copy the contents of Python25 and a few pydll's to the
same directory and run python on a machine which doesn't have python
installed. Mac doing the same doesn't work.

This allows me to distribute various scripts for different purposes to
be executed by the user within my group.


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