Fastest way to write huge files

Mohamed Yousef harrrrpo at
Fri Aug 29 15:22:36 CEST 2008

Thanks all ,
but there is still something i forget to state -sorry - all
communication will be via Http with a server
so data is received via Http
so local network solutions won't work
the problem really starts after receiving data in storing them without
much of a CPU/Memory usage and with a good speed

@James Mills : didn't understand fully what you mean and how it will
improve writting effciency


Mohamed Yousef

2008/8/29 Tim Golden <mail at>:
> Terry Reedy wrote:
>> Mohamed Yousef wrote:
>>> let's say , I'm moving large files through network between devices
>>> what is the fastest way to do this ?
>>> what i came up with :-
>> Use your OS's network copy command.  On unix, that was once uucp.  On
>> Windows, I drag-and-drop to/from a Network Neighborhood location, including
>> to a printer, so I don't know whether you can use copy and if so how.
> For completeness' sake, on Windows you could use any of the following
> techniques with a UNC as the destination (and/or source):
> --

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