Getting stdout using ctypes.

Mathias Lorente mathias.lorente at
Thu Aug 14 17:31:12 CEST 2008

Hello all.

I have a simple application (C++) that relies on shared libraries. It 
works fine in console mode.
Lot of job is done into the shared library, so there is some calls to 
'std::cout' to inform the user in it.

Now, I would like to wrap everything into a GUI, remove the application 
and call directly everything from Python using ctypes. (I still need the 
console application to launch it manually if needed).
I've made a simple library to test ctypes and everything works fine 
except that I don't know how to get stout in order to redirect it 
somewhere (dialog box or so).

I've looked for some help into the mailing list history and found 
nothing useful (until now).
Do someone has any suggestion?


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