Writing to ms excel

Tino Wildenhain tino at wildenhain.de
Sat Aug 30 22:23:29 CEST 2008

Marin Brkic wrote:
> Hello all,
> please, let me apologize in advance. English is not my first language
> (not even my second one), so excuse any errors with which I'm about to
> embarass myself in front of the general public. Second, I'm relatively
> new to python, so sorry if this seems like a stupid question.
> I'm trying to find a way to write data to excel cells (or to be more
> specific to an .xls file), let's say for the sake of argument, data
> readen from a file (although it will be calculated in the process).
> I've been searching, but couldn't find any examples which allows that.
> Do anyone knows of any ? All help is appreciated on this matter.
> Tutorials? Anything ...

Its quite easy, a little googling brings:


which comes with examples and all. Works on any platform (python
only code). I'm using it to generate excel reports for all the
damnd ms office adicts in the company...

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