File copying from a menu

Brandon deanfamily11 at
Wed Aug 27 00:18:38 CEST 2008

Turns out I was missing a few lines of code here-and-there, but now it's 
visible and working.  Thanks to anyone who was looking into this for me.

"Fredrik Lundh" <fredrik at> wrote in message 
news:mailman.2191.1219732396.922.python-list at
> Brandon wrote:
>> I'm attempting to have a file copied from a menu selection.  The menu 
>> already exists, but it won't even create the menu item.  If anyone has 
>> any ideas, please let me know.
> try cutting down your code to a minimal example that illustrates the 
> problem, and post that code (that'll also allow us to figure out what 
> library you're using to create the menu...).
> </F

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