pyprocessing/multiprocessing for x64?

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> Benjamin Kaplan wrote:
>> I don't have a 64-bit machine, so I can only go off of what I read. This
>> is
>> from the AMD64 FAQ<
>> >
> Welcome to the world of marketing. The FAQ just explains that AMD64
> compatible processors can still run 32bit programs. It doesn't say that you
> can recompile your code for 64bit w/o trouble.
> It's possible to write software that compiles and works on all sorts of
> platforms and CPU architectures like X86, AMD64, IA64, PPC etc. The Python
> interpreter is a good example.
> However one can easily write C code that runs on 32bit X86 CPUs but crashes
> on 64bit systems. The same code may run on a 64bit Linux/BSD system but
> crashes on a Win32 X64 because 64bit Windows defines a long as a 32bit
> datatype, while a long on 64bit Unix systems has 64bits.

I think we are talking about different situations here. You are talking
about compiling the package from source, where the OP might have a problem.
I thought he was talking about the Windows binaries, which should work on a
64-bit system. (the last line of the original message: "*yes, yes, I know.
 download the source and compile it myself")

The only problem I can see is that 32-bit programs can't access 64-bit dlls,
so the OP might have to install the 32-bit version of Python for it to work.
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