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Wed Aug 13 13:47:58 CEST 2008

Hussein B escribió:
> The sad fact (at least to me), Ruby is getting a lot of attention
> these days.
> Why Python isn't getting this attention although is a much more mature
> language and it is used by many big, big names?
> And do I dare to say it is much more charming?

The opinion of a PHP developer who's playing with Python as well:

I've come across Python almost everywhere. Many programs I use (or I've 
evaluated) are written in Python or use it for scripting: source control 
software (Subversion, Bazaar, Mercurial), IDEs (Komodo Edit), popular 
web applications (Zope, Trac)... If you're looking for a script for 
admin tasks your search results will probably contain something in 
Python. If you want to build a Firefox extension you'll find a *.py file 
sitting around.

But I've never came across a Ruby app. Sure, I know Ruby exists and 
people are very enthusiastic about it (though they often mistake it with 
Ruby on Rails), but that's all.

Ruby is popular among bloggers but I'm not sure whether it's popular 
among developers.

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