Best way to set/get an object property

Hussein B hubaghdadi at
Sun Aug 24 12:47:55 CEST 2008

On Aug 24, 5:28 am, Peter Otten <__pete... at> wrote:
> Hussein B wrote:
> > I noted that Python encourage the usage of:
> > --
> > obj.prop = data
> > x = obj.prop
> > --
> > to set/get an object's property value.
> > What if I want to run some logic upon setting/getting a property?
> > What is Python preferred method to do so (using the new feature
> > 'property')?
> > I don't think __getattr__ and __setattr__ are practical (I have to
> > code the property name into them).
> Hussein, I don't think you'll learn much from asking these abstract
> questions. At some point you have to get your hands dirty and write actual
> code to get a feel for the language.
> For example, it will then become obvious for you that property works best
> for individual attributes while __getattr__ and friends are more convenient
> if you want to treat multiple attributes the same way, attributes whose
> names may not even be known until runtime (think delegation).
> Peter

Thanks Peter,
You are right, I have to try to touch the Python but the problem is I
don't have much time to do so.
I have a Java developer for more than 4 years and I find it is not so
easy to digest Python concepts, this is why I'm asking a lot of
obvious and clear easy to you (long time Pythonists).
Thank you for your time.

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