Using Tkinter

J-Burns arslanburney at
Fri Aug 22 16:20:41 CEST 2008

Hello. Im a bit new to using Tkinter and im not a real pro in
programming itself... :P. Need some help here.

Problem 1:

How do I make something appear on 2 separate windows using Tkinter? By
this I mean that the format would be something like this:

You have Page1 : This has 2-3 buttons on it.
Clicking on each button opens up a new window respectively having
something entirely different... possibly more buttons,text fields etc.

Problem 2:

If I have a drop down box in Pythons tkinter, is it possible that the
entities that the drop down has are items that have been picked up
from a notepad file via file handling?

Problem 3:

I have 2 radio buttons Radio button A and radio button B. Below them I
have I have 2 separate panels Panel A and Panel B possibly each having
separate text fields, buttons etc in it.

Is it possible that only one of them is shown depending on the radio
button that I have selected? Meaning that if I have selected on Radio
button A only Panel A is shown and likewise if I have selected Radio
Button B only panel B is shown.

I guess that's it for now. Even if any1 here knws any of these
problems do post back asap.
Wud b waiting for replies.

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