Tkinter - How to create combo box using Tix with the existing Tkinter widgets/

dudeja.rajat at dudeja.rajat at
Mon Aug 25 13:57:14 CEST 2008


I'm using Tkinter module to create a GUI application. I found that the
combo box is not present in Tkinter module.
It comes with Tix module. Could some one give me an example to create
a combo box whilst using Tix and Tkinter?

I've been using the following to create my tkinter widgets:
myRoot = Tk()

and in my Gui code, I've been using
self.lbAnalysisLib = Listbox(master, \
                                     yscrollcommand = self.vsbAnalysisLib.set,\
                                     height = 1,
                                     width = 30)

Please suggest how could I call the Tix's combo box from my existing
GUI application that heavily uses the Tkinter widgets?
Kindly provide me some code examples.

Thanks and regards,

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