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Hussein B hubaghdadi at
Wed Aug 13 14:46:03 CEST 2008

On Aug 13, 7:40 am, Bruno Desthuilliers <bruno.
42.desthuilli... at websiteburo.invalid> wrote:
> Álvaro G. Vicario a écrit :
> > Hussein B escribió:
> >> The sad fact (at least to me), Ruby is getting a lot of attention
> >> these days.
> >> Why Python isn't getting this attention although is a much more mature
> >> language and it is used by many big, big names?
> >> And do I dare to say it is much more charming?
> > The opinion of a PHP developer who's playing with Python as well:
> > I've come across Python almost everywhere. Many programs I use (or I've
> > evaluated) are written in Python or use it for scripting: source control
> > software (Subversion, Bazaar, Mercurial), IDEs (Komodo Edit), popular
> > web applications (Zope, Trac)... If you're looking for a script for
> > admin tasks your search results will probably contain something in
> > Python. If you want to build a Firefox extension you'll find a *.py file
> > sitting around.
> > But I've never came across a Ruby app. Sure, I know Ruby exists and
> > people are very enthusiastic about it (though they often mistake it with
> > Ruby on Rails), but that's all.
> Redmine is a nice alternative to Trac. And Twitter is certainly a
> well-known app too. (Yes, RoR apps in both cases...).
> > Ruby is popular among bloggers but I'm not sure whether it's popular
> > among developers.
> Almost as much as Python, I'd say. But both languages fight for the same
> niches in languages/techno ecosystem, and Python, being older, tend to
> get more visibility.

But Twitter is suffering from sever scaling problems, I read it maybe
will be reimplemented in Java ...

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