two's complement bytes

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Sun Aug 24 06:23:19 CEST 2008

On Aug 23, 10:51 pm, "Adam W." <AWasile... at> wrote:
> I'm dabbling with AVR's for a project I have and that means I have to
> use C (ageist my will).  Because my AVR will be tethered to my laptop,
> I am writing most of my logic in python, in the hopes of using at
> little C as possible.
> In my quest I came across a need to pass a pair of sign extended two's
> complement bytes.  After painfully reading the wikipedia article on
> what two's complement was, I then thought of how I would handle this
> in python.  I don't really recall ever having to work in binary with
> python, so I really am clueless on what to do.
> I can feed python either two hex bytes or binary, but how do I convert
> it into an int, and more importantly how do I make sure it handles the
> sign properly?

Try this out.  Does it come close to what you want?

import struct
struct.pack( 'i', ~10 )
~struct.unpack( 'i', _ )[ 0 ]

>>> import struct
>>> struct.pack( 'i', ~10 )
>>> ~struct.unpack( 'i', _ )[ 0 ]

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