The Importance of Terminology's Quality

John W Kennedy jwkenne at
Sat Aug 23 06:18:29 CEST 2008

Rob Warnock wrote:
> What was the corresponding 1401 boot sequence?

The 1401 had a boot-from-tape-1 button on the console, and a 
boot-from-card button on the card reader. You couldn't truly boot from a 
disk; you loaded a little starter deck of about 20 cards on the card reader.

On the 1401, the typewriter was an optional luxury, mainly used in long 
batch jobs to do ad-hoc on-line queries. On the compatible 1460, the 
typewriter was somewhat more common, because the console the typewriter 
mounted on was a standard part of the system, so only the typewriter had 
to be added.

John W. Kennedy
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about as perceptive as classing the works of Ballantyne, Conrad and W. 
W. Jacobs together as the 'sea-story' and then criticizing _that_."
   -- C. S. Lewis.  "An Experiment in Criticism"

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