How can this script fail?

boblatest at boblatest at
Wed Aug 27 13:15:48 CEST 2008

On Aug 27, 1:08 pm, "M.-A. Lemburg" <m... at> wrote:

> I don't think this is related to IDLE or your setup. The odbc
> module is very old and unmaintained, so it's possible that Windows
> doesn't find some system DLLs needed for it to work.

Please note that
1) I can type "import odbc" directly into the IDLE shell without
getting an error message,
but only BEFORE I've run a script that tries to import odbc.
2) The same script runs fine under PyWin (which I don't like much as
an environment).

> If you're looking for a reliable Python ODBC interface, I'd suggest
> you have a look at our mxODBC:

Thanks, but I'm working on some kind of guerilla project of which my
employer doesn't know, so they won't spend any money on a commercial


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