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William Purcell williamhpurcell at
Thu Aug 21 22:45:16 CEST 2008

Hi all,

I started programming with python about a year ago. I am now somewhat
experienced with python but have virtually no experience with any other
language. I use python to write little command line tools, GUI's to do
anything from my time sheet at work to balancing my checkbook, and for
school to do plotting and data manipulation. I was wondering what more
experienced programmers think about what languages are necessary to be able
to handle most programming problems. Another way to word the question is...
Should I spend the time to learn C/C++ (or any other for that matter) or
will Python handle most programming problems? Especially for applications
that other people want to use and I need stability and speed.

Just Curious,

P.S. If you do think it's worth learning C/C++...what type problems are fit
for C/C++ and which should I keep with Python for? What are a couple
languages that really complement python?
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