configuring temporary entry widget of TableList Cell using Python

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Mon Aug 18 14:47:39 CEST 2008


I am using Tkinter & the Kevin Walzer's TableList Wrapper for python
implemented GUI:

The TableList has been extremely useful in allowing me to create my
GUI for my engineering requirements, but I have hit a brick wall and
need some assistance.

"I am unable to configure the Temporary Embedded ComboBox List when
the specific TableList cell is selected for editing"

I have a registered the Bwidget Combobox widget so I can use this as
an alternative temporary Entry Widget ( depending on the specific cell
usage) thanks to some assistance from Kevin Walzer ( Many thanks ). I
configure the particular cell's edit window (-editwindow ) for
ComboBox which is working successfully.
The problem I have is I wish to change the "-values" of the Temporary
Combobox Widget i.e. a List that I can specify.
When my "-editstartcommand" is called I firstly get the pathname of
the Temporary Embedded Widget using,
 TEW = editwinpath()
I am then assuming (although I must be wrong!) that I can then do:

 TEW.configure( values=("my","list","of","Strings"))

However, this leads to the exception error ->  TEW does not contain
such an attribute "configure".
My reference for this procedure is (
communicating-tablelist-embedded-widgets.html but also available from tablelist coding examples) :

proc editStartCmd {tbl row col text} {
set w [$tbl editwinpath]

switch [$tbl columncget $col -name] {
currency {
# Populate the ComboBox and make it non-editable
$w configure -values {Dollar Euro Yen ...} -editable no

. . .

return $text

It is this procedure I am trying to replicate in Python. Is it
possible to guide help tell me the right approach here. Of course I
can submit my code to help ( if this is useful ) but the problem I
think clear to see from these summary details.
Please take it easy on me, I am a HW engineer by trade and am slowly
(but surely) gaining more knowledge & experience in the world of
Python (and of course Tkinter)!


Lee Walczak

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