From Ruby to Python?

Simon Mullis simon at
Wed Aug 13 14:45:31 CEST 2008

Hi All,

I just finally found 30 minutes to try and write some code in Python and
realized after a couple of minor syntactic false starts that I'd finished my
initial attempt without needing to refer to any documention... And after the
first few minutes I stopped noticing the whitespace thing that had scared me
off previously.  (Admittedly it's a very basic script using telnetlib to log
into a bunch of network devices via a few console servers and put the
results of some remote commands into a data-structure).

So, after this initially promising start:

Are there any good cheatsheets / guides for a Ruby programmer to learn

I searched this list and couldn't find anything, and wasn't successful with
google either...

Many thanks in advance,


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