Python FTP - NameError: name 'mydpa' is not defined

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Tue Aug 5 16:37:07 CEST 2008

Ej wrote:
> I have a similar problem. I need to download the same file every hour
> so it will be nice to be able to rename the downloads with a variable
> name.
> For example in this case:
> from ftplib import FTP
> ftp=FTP('')
> ftp.login()
> ftp.cwd('SL.us008001/DF.of/DC.radar/DS.81dpr/SI.kbuf')
> ftp.retrbinar('RETR sn.last', open('sn','wb').write)
> ftp.quit()
> Question: How to achive rename the downloaded files as sn1, sn2,
> sn3.... or with a timestamp?

you're downloading to the file name you pass to open ("sn" in your 
case), so to download to a different file, just pass in another name.

to rename an existing file on the local file system, use os.rename.


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