Filling in Degrees in a Circle (Astronomy)

tom tom1189 at
Sun Aug 24 18:47:34 CEST 2008

> I'm using Python 2.4. The install looks pretty complicated for Windows. 
> It doesn't seem like matplotlib is a module.

Maybe going with the enthought edition would be easiest for you as it is 
a very complete set of tools all in one package.  It's at

These are really nice tools for scientific (and other) data analysis, 
and are very competitive with most professional packages.  There are 
other bundles as well, like Sage.  I've always used enthought.

On the other hand, I think making tools that use these in a bundled exe 
might be more difficult, and if possible, might not be consistent with 
their license agreements, and might make for large packages.  I never 
really looked into this.

Also, with matplotlib, you might just try installing it without anything 
else and see how it goes.  Just download the exe and double-click, or 
the egg file and do whatever one does with those.  I bet it will work... 
I think it will just default to using Tk for the GUI, which you already 
have installed with Python, and it won't use agg (an anti-aliasing 
library), so your plots won't be quite as pretty.  But they'll still be 
nice, and it will likely work.

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