More Datastore Examples Please

v4vijayakumar vijayakumar.subburaj at
Thu Aug 7 14:48:27 CEST 2008

On Aug 7, 11:38 am, Tim Roberts <t... at> wrote:
> v4vijayakumar <vijayakumar.subbu... at> wrote:
> >Google appengine datastore is not very clear, and I couldn't get much
> >from API documents. It would be very helpful if there are some more
> >detailed documents with examples.
> I would gently suggest that you are not trying hard enough.  I had never
> encountered the Google appengine datastore, but the first hit in Googling
> that phrase took me to the Google documentation, which seems to be quite
> thorough.

Google documentation is not clear for me. Documentation provided there
is not helping much with modeling entities. This requires some
practice, so I thought that If there were some ways to access this
APIs through Idle. This is not as simple as adding some directories to
PYTHONPATH. There are some more things to be done before working
directly on datastore through Idle. This is not documented, but
luckily got some help from the group, google-appengine.

> If you have never worked with a database before, then you might want to go
> find a good book on databases first.

No. That won't help, because this datastore is not a relational
database, but Google's proprietary format called BigTable.

> What are you trying to DO with the datastore?

I am just experimenting with google-appengine, and building an
application on it.

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