pyprocessing/multiprocessing for x64?

pigmartian scottpig1 at
Thu Aug 7 00:34:07 CEST 2008

Interesting, I see Christian's responses to Benjamin, but not Benjamin's 
posts themselves.

Anyways, the question remains: will multiprocessing be supported for the 
x64 platform when it's released in 2.6?

pigmartian wrote:
> I recently learned (from I response on this newsgroup to an earlier 
> query) of the processing module for working with subprocesses in a 
> similar manner to threading.  For what I needed to do, it worked great 
> --- until I tried to run my code on an x64 box, for which that module 
> isn't available*.  So, I'm just wondering if when processing is renamed 
> to multiprocessing and included in the standard lib for 2.6, will x64 be 
> supported?
> ~Scott
> *yes, yes, I know.  download the source and compile it myself.

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