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Fri Aug 15 12:56:26 CEST 2008

On Aug 13, 6:14 pm, Hussein B <hubaghd... at> wrote:
> Hey,
> I'm a Java/Java EE developer and I'm playing with Python these days.
> I like the Python language so much and I like its communities and the
> Django framework.
> My friends are about to open a Ruby/Rails shop and they are asking me
> to join them.
> I don't know what, sure I'm not leaving Java, but they are asking me
> to stop learning Python and concentrate on Ruby/Rails.

A real programmer can learn as much language as he pleases and tell
him that concentrating on one language is always a bad idea, since
that narrows the mind and diversing language learning is great since
it allows you to think of a problem from different angles (especially
if the nature of the languages are very different, like one object
oriented language and one functional language and one procedural and
another dynamic language and another static language).

> The sad fact (at least to me), Ruby is getting a lot of attention
> these days.

I don't know, but the data (
paperinfo/tpci/index.html and shows that
python is more popular than ruby in most cases, nearly by a factor of

> Why Python isn't getting this attention although is a much more mature
> language and it is used by many big, big names?
> And do I dare to say it is much more charming?
> What do you think of Ruby/Rails? do they worth learning and working
> with?

Yes, every language have its own good and bad (yeah, even assembly). I
have only brushed Ruby once though, so I can't give detailed
explanation about it. A good teacher would encourage his students to
learn from other masters even though he might be one of the most
prominent expert in the subject, a good teacher would even encourage
his students to learn from sides that opposed his side of view (learn
from your enemy[1]).

[1] The usage of the word "enemy" is over-exaggerated.

> Any way, I'm not leaving Python and I will try to study it every time
> I get a chance...
> Thanks.

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