Using Python to shared memory resources between Linux and Windows

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What you have said is extremely concerning.  
I am now using VMware.  With Linux as the Master and windows as the
guest operating system.  I was wondering if you have ever had to develop
a share memory resource between Linux and windows within a Vmware setup?

Thanks for the help.  I will not be forgotten,

David Blubaugh


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Blubaugh, David A. schrieb:
> To All,

To whom else if I may ask?

> I was wondering if it was possible to utilize python to share a memory

> resource between a linux and windows system??  It should be stated 
> that both the Linux (CENTOS 5) and windows are physically located on 
> the same computer.  Is any of this possible?

No, not as that. You can use IPC-mechanisums such as XMLRPC, CORBA or
Pyro. But software such as VMWare or VirtualBox tries hard to *not* let
guest and host os influence each other.


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