Imports visibility in imported modules problem

Mohamed Yousef harrrrpo at
Sun Aug 24 02:27:46 CEST 2008

Hello ,

The problem I'm asking about is how can imported modules be aware of
other imported modules so they don't have to re-import them (avoiding
importing problems and Consicing code and imports )
Take Example :-
in :-

import B
print dir() # no problems we can see B which contain re module and C module
B.C.W() # our problem here we get an empty list

in :-

import re
import C

in :-

def W():
       print dir() # when called from A we get [] though other imports
has been made to re and others

my goal is basically making W() aware of the re module when called from A
why am i doing this in the first place I'm in the process of a medium
project where imports of modules start to make a jungle and i wanted
all needed imports to be in a single file (namely and
then all imports are made once and other modules feel it

another reason to do this that my project is offering 2 interfaces
(Console and GUI through Qt) and i needed a general state class (
whether i'm in Console or GUI mode) to be available for all , for
determining state and some public functions ,and just injecting
Imports everywhere seems a bad technique in many ways (debugging ,
modifying ...etc )

in PHP "Require" would do the trick neatly ... so is there is
something I'm missing here or the whole technique is bad in which case
what do you suggest ?


Mohamed Yousef

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