Corrupted images after attempting to store PNG images as BLOBs in MySQL?

GHUM haraldarminmassa at
Wed Aug 13 17:16:05 CEST 2008


> still becoming familiar with python. Originally we were not using the
> database to store images,
> but we started testing out storing images there as well as meta-data.

just a remark: I am using PostgreSQL to store BLOB-Data as there are
"Images", "PDFs", "Microsoft Office Files".

The system (application, network, database) is working quite okay up
to around 10 Megabytes per file. And that for around 7 years now.

The database itself comfortably works with up to 1Gig per object, just
the database drivers / network stack / bandwith / users patiance for
answers really gets... unreliable above 10 Meg per file.

Best wishes,


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