ANN: pyspread 0.0.8

Martin Manns mmanns at
Sun Aug 3 23:45:34 CEST 2008

On Sun, 03 Aug 2008 14:25:11 -0400
"Colin J. Williams" <cjw at> wrote:
> I've copied your tutorial in my 
> site-packages\pyspread directory

I wrote the tutorial in this thread as a step by step guide that
can be followed manually. You do not need to put it anywhere on your
hard drive. Start pyspread and type in the lines starting with "> "

> When I try it (a) I can't open your test 
> data and (b)I enter 1 in [0,0], 'abc' in 
> [0,1], 'def' in [0,2] and 'ghi' in [1.2].

I assume that you tried to open the "test.pys" file. This file is not
needed for the tutorial. Type in as you did into the empty grid and it
should work.
(Please tell me if it does not display 1 in [0,0], abc in [0,1], def in
[0,2] and ghi in [1,2].)

> The first gives an unable to find rpy 
> message and the second doesn't display.

The "test.pys" file is an example how to use the 3rd party package rpy
for convenient plotting. Probably on your system, rpy is not installed.
When you install rpy, do not forget to install the statistics package R
that it depends on as well.

However, you do not have to use rpy for plotting. If you prefer other
plotting packages (e.g. gnuplot), feel free to import them as displayed
with the decimal built-in package. You can import (almost) everything
that you can import in any Python program (though matplotlib made some
trouble the last time I tried). 

(Hint: pyspread does *not* protect your system in any special way. So if
you write a system command to delete all files and have sufficient
rights to do this, the files will be deleted.)

Please let me know, which OS you are using (Unix/Linux, MacOS, Windows
or something else).

Best Regards


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