Fastest way to write huge files

Larry Bates larry.bates at
Sat Aug 30 14:28:02 CEST 2008

Mohamed Yousef wrote:
> Thanks all ,
> but there is still something i forget to state -sorry - all
> communication will be via Http with a server
> so data is received via Http
> so local network solutions won't work
> the problem really starts after receiving data in storing them without
> much of a CPU/Memory usage and with a good speed
> @James Mills : didn't understand fully what you mean and how it will
> improve writting effciency
> Thanks,
> Regards,
> Mohamed Yousef
> 2008/8/29 Tim Golden <mail at>:
>> Terry Reedy wrote:
>>> Mohamed Yousef wrote:
>>>> let's say , I'm moving large files through network between devices
>>>> what is the fastest way to do this ?
>>>> what i came up with :-
>>> Use your OS's network copy command.  On unix, that was once uucp.  On
>>> Windows, I drag-and-drop to/from a Network Neighborhood location, including
>>> to a printer, so I don't know whether you can use copy and if so how.
>> For completeness' sake, on Windows you could use any of the following
>> techniques with a UNC as the destination (and/or source):
>> TJG
>> --

If connection is over Internet via HTTP the connection speed is so slow in 
relation to the speed of your CPU that it doesn't really matter.  You are 
prematurely optimizing your application.  Get it working first and then see if 
the file writing is the bottleneck (it probably won't be).


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