Brainwave: A Complete Web Platform With Database Out of the Box

Avinash Vora avinashvora at
Tue Aug 5 17:36:52 CEST 2008

On Aug 5, 2008, at 8:37 PM, Michael Mabin wrote:

> Brainwave is a complete Web Development Platform with a DDL-free  
> database.  Its application server is built on CherryPy. It comes  
> already bundled with Cheetah and Mako templating engines.  And its  
> database is its true gem.

You aren't differentiating too far from TurboGears at this point.

> The database is built on a "neural" model.  Each significant piece  
> of data is a meme that can be linked to other memes allowing for  
> creation of complex records that can be easily related to other  
> records.

I don't quite follow this, but...

> It's free for single-server users and licenses can be purchased for  
> the development and deployment of fuly scalable enterprise apps on  
> multiple servers.

Uh oh.

> Noone can really be told what Brainwave is.  You have to download  
> and try the SDK for yourself at

Actually, I would like to be told.  I'm pretty sure that with a decent  
explanation, I could follow.  Your self-described "gem" is--by you--so  
vaguely explained that this whole operation doesn't inspire any  

More problems: large form to fill out; huge license agreement; very  
little documentation outside of PDF; online demo links to a local IP  
address; NOTHING I can find on the website actually runs on Brainwave  
etc. etc.

Maybe in a few years I'd give this a try, but for now, I'd focus on  
releasing something that you are willing to back a bit more.  Spend  
all your time making your website look good with content that is  
available online easily.  Don't make it a chore for me to get your  
product.  If you don't trust your own product enough to run your own  
website/blog on it, hide the PHP file extension, and don't put a  
banner on your blog proclaiming a competitor's product.

Try not to take this too harshly--I hope it is constructive criticism.


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