Any tips on Python web development on Mac OS

Bruno Desthuilliers bruno.42.desthuilliers at websiteburo.invalid
Tue Aug 5 14:40:31 CEST 2008

Tim Greening-Jackson a écrit :
> I'd like to create a couple of websites on my Mac at home. I have a very 
> basic understanding of HTML, but am lazy and would prefer to do the work 
> either in Python itself or have some package I can use in conjunction 
> with Python.

You're not going to get anywhere without learning (x)html and css IMHO. 
Even using a "graphical" html editor like Dreamweaver requires having a 
good enough (IOW : being able to do it all by hand) knowledge of these 


> I've had a very quick look at the Django and Turbogears websites. Is it 
> worth learning one of these for a small, simple site?

Depends on what your "site" is doing.

> Will they actually 
> help me set up the structure of the site,

Nope, or not much.

> or are they more geared to its 
> content.

Content, definitively.

> I'm also trying to find/download HTMLgen. If I try to install the 
> version from macports it tries to downgrade my installation of Python to 
> one of the previous versions. Is it worth using and where can I find a 
> copy that I should be able to build/install cleanly on a Mac.

There are quite a couple other (and more recent) "html generator" 
packages. You may want to have a look at brevé:

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