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En Wed, 20 Aug 2008 17:10:15 -0300, aditya shukla <adityashukla1983 at> escribió:

> Hello folks, i am trying to find a particular file in a given search path.I
> found code for this on internet.
> if __name__ == '___main__':
>    search_path = '/bin' + pathsep + '/usr/bin'  # ; on windows, : on unix
>    find_file = search_file('ls',search_path)
>    if find_file:
>       print "File found at %s" % find_file
>    else:
>       print "File not found"
> Whenever i try to run the code ie python , nothing happens , i
> mean command prompt reappears .

You have 3 leading underscores in __main__ so the if statement is skipped and nothing happens.
I'd use the split method of string objects, and there is no need for a file_found variable:

def search_file(filename, search_path):
    """Given a search path, find file
    for path in search_path.split(pathsep):
        fullpath = join(path, filename) 
        if exists(fullpath):
            return abspath(fullpath)
    # there is an implicit return None at the end

Gabriel Genellina

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