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Ralf Schönian ralf at schoenian-online.de
Tue Aug 5 06:21:53 CEST 2008

kpierce8 at gmail.com schrieb:
> I'm a novice developer at best and often work with the R statistical
> programming language. I use an editor called TINN-R which allows me to
> write a script, then highlight a few lines and send them to the
> interpreter. I am using pythonwin and it lacks this funtionality (that
> I can tell) and when I copy and paste lines into the interpreter only
> the first line is evaluated and the rest appears as returned text.
> Is there an editor that allows me to send a few lines out of many
> lines of code at a time?
> or
> How does one check small blocks of code without typing them each time,
> running an entire script (with other code) or creating a small script
> for every code block?
> For example say lines 1-100 work fine and now I'm working on lines
> 101-105. Should I create a small script with just those lines?
> Thanks for any advice

Try another approach. Write unittests for your code. This will lead to
more testable and shorter chunks of code and your test cases will be 
executed on each iteration step.

Ralf Schoenian

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