Problems returning data from embedded Python

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> Uh? You have a complete API for working with list objects, the 
> functions  named PyList_*
> See
> There is also an abstract layer that works both with lists and tuples:  
> If that's not what you are after, please provide more details...

Spoke too soon.

Right, I've rewritten the Python program and it returns a tuple of 
lists and one integer. Basically as you saw before, the python program 
reads a file in, splits it into elements that were separated by a comma.

The new program just puts each element into its own list. Here is a 
line from the file I am reading in:


so basically I have 6 lists and one int (which is the total number of 
lines read by the program) I then return that tuple to the C program. 
After that I call the following:

error = PyArg_ParseTuple(value, "isffffi", &totalLines, &finopen, 
&finclose, &finhigh, &finlow, &finvolume);

but that will only give me the first element of the list. What I would 
like to do is return the total number of lines read separately, then 
use that to allocate a C99 style variable sized array and then loop 
through the call to PyArg_ParseTuple to populate the array. The problem 
with that is that I don't think PyArg_ParseTuple is designed in that 
way. It will put the contents of the list in the variable and not split 
it up so that I can populate an array.

Am I making any sense? Probably not, but it is hard to explain.

Thanks for any help.
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