very large dictionary

Avinash Vora avinashvora at
Mon Aug 4 00:51:04 CEST 2008

On Aug 4, 2008, at 4:12 AM, Jörgen Grahn wrote:

> (You might want to post this to comp.lang.python rather than to me --
> I am just another c.l.p reader.  If you already have done to, please
> disregard this.)

Yeah, I hit "reply" by mistake and didn't realize it.  My bad.

>>> (I assume here that Berkeley DB supports 7GB data sets.)
>> If I remember correctly, BerkeleyDB is limited to a single file size
>> of 2GB.
> Sounds likely.  But with some luck maybe they have increased this in
> later releases?  There seem to be many competing Berkeley releases.

It's worth investigating, but that leads me to:

>> I haven't caught the earlier parts of this thread, but do I
>> understand correctly that someone wants to load a 7GB dataset into  
>> the
>> form of a dictionary?
> Yes, he claimed the dictionary was 6.8 GB.  How he measured that, I
> don't know.

To the OP: how did you measure this?


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