Debugging of a long running process under Windows

Propad npropadovic at
Thu Aug 21 13:49:46 CEST 2008


thank you very much everybody. I gave up hope for an answer a long
time ago :-).
I'll take a look at the proposed solutions and give you a note.



On Aug 21, 12:02 pm, ro... at (R. Bernstein) wrote:
> Tim Golden <m... at> writes:
> > R. Bernstein wrote:
> >> I don't know how well Microsoft Windows allows for sending a process a
> >> signal in Python, but if the Python signal module works reasonably
> >> well on Microsoft Windows, then reread
> >>
> > The answer is: not terribly well. (Or, rather: in a very
> > limited way). You should, however, be able to make use
> > of the SetConsoleCtrlHandler win32 api which is exposed
> > by pywin32's win32api module, or could be accessed via
> > ctypes:
> >
> >
> > TJG
> Interesting. Yes, it seems limited in that you get CTRL+C or
> CTRL+BREAK which seems to map to one of CTRL_CLOSE_EVENT,
> If someone is interested in hooking this into pydb's signal handling
> mechanism, I'll consider adding in a future release. (If hacking the
> configure script to test for the presense Microsoft Windows or the
> win32api is tedious, I can manage doing that part.)- Hide quoted text -
> - Show quoted text -

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