GUI programming with python

John Fabiani jfabiani at
Tue Aug 26 19:49:07 CEST 2008

Alan Franzoni wrote:

> zamil was kind enough to say:
> [cut]
> If your needs are very basic, you can stick with the tk module that comes
> with python. It's not really feature-packed, but it's maintained and
> pretty cross-platform.
> Otherwise, you can pick any supported widget set you like and use the
> proper python bindings. You didn't tell us which OS you'd work with, hence
> we can't tell you what's the best choice (if there's any).
> BTW you should be able to enjoy GTK+, QT or Swing (if using Jython on
> Java) or anything found in MS.NET (if using IronPython) - or you can go
> for wxPython as well.
> GUI Designers are widget-set related - I can suggest gazpacho for GTK+.
You might want to take a look at Dabo (  Check out the


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