Teething troubles with Python on a Mac

Timothy Grant timothy.grant at gmail.com
Sun Aug 3 18:36:54 CEST 2008

On Sun, Aug 3, 2008 at 12:37 AM, Avi <avinashvora at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Apart from the initial installation of Python itself, I
>> never use an installer to install a Python package if I
>> can avoid it. I wouldn't trust it to install into the right
>> Python version.
> On that: how would I go about updating the system Python, then?  Or is
> that going to be stuck at whatever it is, and Mac users are expected
> to run two simultaneous Python installations?  I'm not entirely
> comfortable with having a separate MacPython (I used to do so, but it
> caused so many issues with installing new packages that I gave up on
> it) and would prefer to just update system Python.
> - Avi
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You will likely cause more problems updating the system python than
managing the two separate installations. OSX relies on the version of
python they ship. While there are likely cases where it could be
replaced completely safely the risks of having to re-install your OS
at some point because it has the wrong version of python are not worth

Stand Fast,
tjg. [Timothy Grant]

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