regex question

Fred Mangusta aaa at
Tue Aug 5 12:39:36 CEST 2008


I would like to delete all the instances of a '.' into a number.

In other words I'd like to replace all the instances of a '.' character 
with something (say nothing at all) when the '.' is representing a 
decimal separator. E.g.

500.675  ---->       500675

but also

1.000.456.344 ----> 1000456344

I don't care about the fact the the resulting number is difficult to 
read: as long as it remains a series of digits it's ok: the important 
thing is to get rid of the period, because I want to keep it only where 
it marks the end of a sentence.

I was trying to do like this

s=re.sub("[(\d+)(\.)(\d+)]","... ",s)

but I don't know much about regular expressions, and don't know how to 
get the two groups of numbers and join them in the sub. Moreover doing 
like this I only match things like "345.000" and not "1.000.000".

What's the correct approach?


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