PIL (etc etc etc) on OS X

Kevin Walzer kw at codebykevin.com
Fri Aug 1 23:01:27 CEST 2008

David C. Ullrich wrote:
> Decided to try to install PIL on my Mac (OS X.5).

OK, sounds good.
> I know nothing about installing programs on Linux,
> nothing about building C programs, nothing about
> installing libraries, nothing about "fink", nothing
> about anything. Please insert question marks after
> every sentence:

For the record, OS X isn't Linux--it's a variant of BSD Unix. Similar, 
but no identical, to Linux.

> I saw a "BUILDME" with instructions "for lazy programmers".
> I did that. It seems that everything worked except a
> jpg library is missing.


> I read that I need to install libjpeg. I read that on OS X
> this is "usually" done using fink. Great:
> (i) The idea of installing fink scares me, for no reason
> I could name. There's no way that's going to confuse the
> rest of Darwin, right?

You don't really need Fink just to install libjpeg. You do need the 
developer tools (Xcode) installed, otherwise you can't build any 
software at all.

Libjpeg can be downloaded from http://www.ijg.org/. Download it, 
untar/unzip it. Fire up terminal, cd to the libjpeg directory, and type 
these commands:

sudo make install

That should get libjpeg built and installed.

> (ii) When I look at the fink website I see a list of
> supported libraries, not including libjpeg.

So don't worry about Fink.

> I hate messing with things that I don't understand at _all_...

Well, that's understandable, but this is your chance to learn something 
> Thanks for any advice or comments.
> DU.

Kevin Walzer
Code by Kevin

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