why in returns values for array and keys for dictionary

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Tue Aug 26 11:04:21 CEST 2008

On Aug 26, 11:52 am, Erik Max Francis <m... at alcyone.com> wrote:
> ++imanshu wrote:
> >     Wouldn't it be nicer to have 'in' return values (or keys) for both
> > arrays and dictionaries. Arrays and Dictionaries looked so similar in
> > Python until I learned this difference.
> It's because dealing with keys makes far more sense, since that's how
> the dictionary data structure works.  If you're doing this an awful lot
> -- whether testing for inclusion or iterating -- then you're probably
> using the wrong data structure.

Thanks for the detailed replies. Python seems to be taking the
pragmatic approach here instead of the pure one. And yes it makes more


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