Graphics Contexts and DCs explanations?

RgeeK Ross at no.thanks.spammers
Thu Aug 21 21:55:57 CEST 2008

Chris Mellon wrote:
> This is probably better suited to the wxPython ML instead of c.l.p,
> because it's so specific.
> In short: wxDC (and friends) are traditional raster based drawing
> contexts. wxGraphicsContext is a vector/path based API. If you're
> doing drawing that's suited for a vector format (like line drawing
> probably is), using wxGraphicsContext will give you better image
> quality as well as the general vector features like free scaling,
> rotation, transforms, etc,

Thx Chris - I wasn't aware of the wxPython ML.  I'll hunt around for it 
for further q's in that vein.

Your explanation is helpful tho' - thx.

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